The Make Good Process

When you vacate a tenancy you are generally required to “make good” and return you tenancy back to its original state.

Your landlord will issue you with a “Scope of Works” detailing the requirements of your make good shop strip out.

    Upon appointing HM Strip Outs and De-fits as you contractor we will contact your landlord and facilitate the entire process which, includes:

  • Confirmation that we possess all required permits, documents, insurances to undertake such works.

  • Providing the landlord with items such as:

  • A Program Of Works detailing what we intend on doing and when

  • Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statement

  • Work Cover Certificate

  • Public Liability Insurance ($20M)

  • Rehabilitation Policy

    Organising all trades required to undertake the de-fit such as:

  • Qualified Electricians

  • Qualified Plumbers

  • Skip Bin and Waste Removal

  • Concrete Polishers (Many commercial tenancies will require you to take back your floors to a 60 grit finish)

  • Signage removal including window films etc.

  • Handing over the tenancy to the landlord in the required time
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